2016 CA Report: The Most Underrated Dominican Cigars

EASTON, PA - "Why is it that some of our favorite cigars seem to go unnoticed?" asks CigarAdvisor.com executive editor, Gary Korb, in a recently-published report that focuses on Dominican-made cigars which he believes are worthy of more attention than they ordinarily receive. "Individually, we know how good these cigars are, but for some reason, our fellow cigar smokers didn't get the memo," added Korb, who also notes that most avid cigar smokers have similar lists of their own.

The cigars in question come from such leading brands as Macanudo, Partagas, Romeo y Julieta, The Griffins, Kristoff, and several others. In the report Mr. Korb suggests some of the reasons these cigars go unnoticed could be due to poor marketing efforts, weak brand recognition among cigar consumers, or they didn't receive high enough tasting scores.

"Whatever it is, there are hundreds of excellent cigars that are underrated for any number of reasons, while conversely, there's no shortage of overrated cigars," said Korb.

The report features eight cigars made in the Dominican Republic. The better-known brands include the Griffins Perfecto, the Romeo y Julieta Vintage No.1, the Macanudo Crü Royale Toro, and the Partagas Naturales. The remaining four, the La Unica Cabinet No.400, the Kristoff Brittania Reserva Robusto, the VegaFina Toro, and the José Benito Toro are, admittedly, a little more obscure or fall under the "boutique cigar" category.

"Maybe the term, 'under the radar' is more appropriate," says Korb. "With millions of cigars on the market, it's only natural that a good many of them are going to slip through the cracks."

Mr. Korb also spoke to the subject of underrated cigars during a recent appearance on the "Smooth Draws" radio show, a weekly program dedicated to the cigar lifestyle.

"I could have listed dozens more cigars, and not just from the Dominican Republic either," said Korb, "and I plan to do underrated Honduran and Nicaraguan cigars in future reports. But regardless of where the cigar is made, the reason we favor these so-called 'underrated' cigars is because we know their value, which far exceeds their cost. That's why they are known to only a few of us, until now, hopefully."

Read the Cigar Advisor report on underrated Dominican cigars here.

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