5 of the Best Premium Cigars Under $3.00 Online

EASTON, PA - In a world where cigar bargains reign supreme, it's easy for consumers to get lost in the sea of premium cigars that don't often live up to their hype. But beyond the shoal of so-called, "incredible values," lies a reef of premium cigars priced at or below $3 that come with most of the same quality, taste, and satisfaction found in cigars costing up to five times as much. Five of those rare catches are highlighted in the latest Cigar Advisor Report: "5 of the Best Cigars Under $3.00."

Written by Cigar Advisor executive editor, Gary Korb, he refers to the featured brands as "premium cigars under $3 that may not be on your radar screen." The selections are comprised of the El Suelo Vuelos, a petite corona blended by Pete (Tatuaje Cigars) Johnson; the Gran Habano Triple Torpedo by George Rico; the La Floridita Pancho maduro, made by Nestor Plasencia for Famous Smoke Shop, the leading online distributor of discounted premium cigars; the Mermaid by La Sirena Toro made by Erik Espinosa, and the Quorum Classic Toro from J.C. Newman.

"When I began writing the article, the usual bestselling suspects came to mind," said Korb. "National Brand, Flor De Oliva, Occidental Reserve, and the like, but looking at some of the past Cigar Advisor articles on value-priced premiums, some of those brands overlapped, so I looked for cigars offering top-quality within the price range that many cigar smokers may not be familiar with, like El Suelo and Mermaid by La Sirena, which fall into the boutique cigars category."

The five cigars are also regularly sold as bundle cigars, where most premium cigars in the $3 and under price range are usually found. However, many manufacturers have taken to merchandising some of their better cigars in bundles in order to save costs to both themselves and their customers. Mr. Korb underscores this by saying that "the quality of many bundle cigars today has come a long way from the 50¢ bargain bin cheapo."

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