Famous Smoke Shop Bows Downloadable Cigar Ring Gauge & Wrapper Guide

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Now Cigar Smokers Can Get an Accurate Picture of Their Cigars' Sizes, Wrapper Colors, and More

Famous Smoke Shop, the nation’s #1 discount retailer of premium cigars online has just created another free, downloadable tool available for cigar smokers to check the ring gauge, length, and wrapper color of their cigars. As they did last year with the Cigar Advisor Cigar Flavor Wheel, which helps cigar smokers determine what flavors they can find in their cigars, the Cigar Advisor Ring Gauge Tool & Wrapper Guide is easy to use and printable.

The ring sizes range from 28, the width of a cigarillo, to 64, the diameter of many extra-wide Grandes. Based on the cigar industry's standard of 1/64th-of-an-inch – the thickness of the average tobacco leaf – the Guide essentially does the math for cigar smokers in a colorful, visual display, making it easy to match-up just about any cigar to its designated ring size.

The Guide essentially does the math for cigar smokers in a colorful, visual display, making it easy to match-up just about any cigar to its designated ring size.

Gary Korb, Executive Editor at Cigar Advisor

In addition to the Ring Gauge section, the Guide also has two other features: a Length Ruler & Smoke Time section which measures up to 7¾-inches, for checking the length of most handmade cigars, and a Wrapper Color Chart for comparing the difference in the many different wrapper leaves used on cigars.

By checking the length of their cigar against the ruler, cigar smokers can see how long a given cigar will smoke, on average. For example, cigars that are rolled from 4½-inches to 5½-inches smoke anywhere from 60-90 minutes; 5½ to 6½-inches, from 90 minutes up to 2 hours.

"Of course, other factors can affect how long a cigar will smoke," says Gary Korb, Executive Editor at CigarAdvisor.com. "It can be anything from how tight or loosely the cigar is rolled, to how often a cigar smoker puffs on their cigar. Plus, the ring gauge is also a factor about how long some cigars will smoke. Times will inevitably vary by smoker, but if you figure about one puff per minute, the actual smoking time should be pretty much within the range of the Guide."

The Wrapper Color Chart of the Guide is especially useful for new cigar smokers, since they may be confused by the difference between a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper and a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, both of which are dark brown in color. Because it would be difficult to list every type of wrapper leaf used on premium handmade cigars, the Guide ranges from "Candela" (light green) to "Oscuro" (virtually black) and the most commonly-found shades in-between. For example, "Colorado Claro" is the color found on most cigars with "Connecticut Shade" wrappers, while "Colorado" could apply to a cigar with a Cameroon wrapper (medium brown). Why "Colorado?" Colorado is another Spanish word for the color "red," in this case more of a maroon-like hue, which is why it is used for describing the color of wrapper leaf.

"So many variables affect how a person enjoys their cigar," said Cigar Advisor Managing Editor, John Pullo. "Too often people think that lighter wrapper cigars or smaller cigars are going to be more mellow. Using this Guide to explore the wide variety of premium cigars out there will show cigar smokers otherwise."

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