Golf Cigars -- 9 Masterful Sticks for the Course

EASTON, PA - Cigar Advisor is the online magazine created by real cigar lovers for those who enjoy the wonderful smoky lifestyle. The latest article written by Editor at Large, Tommy Zman, is "Golf Cigars - 9 Masterful Sticks for the Course."

"Cigar smoking on the golf course is one of the wonderful joys in life for us lovers of leafiness," Zman claims. "To me, cigars on the course bring an amazing level of relaxation no matter how your game is going. Sometimes I honestly think my cigar is my favorite club in my bag."

Now, he doesn't just give us his suggestions for the perfect sticks for hitting the links, he lets us know quite emphatically that carefully picking out your smokes is an important matter and should be done with some thoughtful intent.

"When I pick out the golf cigars I'm going to bring for my day on the links, I honestly take my time and choose carefully and with a purpose," Tommy says. "First off I ask myself is my partner or foursome avid smokers like myself, or, casual smokers, like only when they're out for a round. The main reason I consider this is because I personally always bring enough sticks for all to enjoy. I'm a giver, guys, what can I say. So knowing their tastes for cigars is important."

There are three important factors for choosing the perfect golf gars, as well as 9 great hand-rolled recommendations to mull over. Whatever your taste or budget, there's a stellar stick waiting to accompany you on the course.

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