Perfect Father's Day Cigar Gifts for Under $50

EASTON, PA - Cigar Advisor, the nation's premiere online cigar magazine, proudly serves cigar enthusiasts with a uniquely down-to-earth perspective on the enjoyment of premium cigars. The CA editors have compiled and released a Father's Day gift buying guide that's focused on cigars, titled "Cigar Advisor's Father's Day Cigar Gift Guide - 2016 Edition." This new cigar-related buying guide features cost-effective cigar and cigar accessory selections, each designed to please both the experienced cigar enthusiast and budding cigar smoking Dad -- and for under $50.

"I issued a fresh challenge to the Cigar Advisor editorial team," says Managing Editor John Pullo. "Each Advisor was given $50 to spend on a cigar gift for Father's Day -- it was up to each of us to use that money, creatively and effectively, to buy a great Father's Day present." As a group, the editors selected cigar gifts ranging from cigar samplers and cigars that are brand new to the market, to super-affordable boxes of cigars. "We also picked out some Perdomo cigars made to satisfy Dads interested in pairing cigars with craft beers," says Pullo.

The Advisor's gift guide also highlights cigar accessories: of note is a Basic Necessities kit, which John recommends because "it includes the key components to a good cigar gift." Cigar Advisor Executive Editor Gary Korb selected a Best of Crowned Heads cigar sampler, which features the brand's Jericho Hill selections. "Chances are you already know what cigars your Dad smokes most of the time. But when it comes to giving cigars as gifts, I like the idea of being unpredictable," says Gary. "With only a $50 budget to work with, it's gotta be really unique, really good, and something Dad may not ordinarily buy for himself."

Jonathan Detore, Cigar Advisor copywriter, noted that not everyone's father smokes cigars: "Actually, I'm helping my cousin to get his old man something spectacular. While my colleagues mix and match cutters, lighters, ash trays, and a whole bag of summertime Santa goodies their Dads may enjoy, I'm going to go a different route and picking something from Famous Smoke Shop's extensive list of Boxes under $50 list." And Editor-at-Large Tommy Zman says, "for dads who are really into cigars, go with new cigars. Father's Day is indeed a Dad's most special time, so on top of the barbecue filled with grilled-up goodness, a great newly released cigar -- like Oliva Baptiste -- is truly the perfect gift."

"Usually, our holiday gift guides have a $100 threshold," says Pullo. "This time, I wanted our group to be a little more practical, while still being a friendly competition. You don't have to overspend for a good cigar gift." Tommy Zman also noted that shoppers can stretch their budget even further when using Famous Smoke Shop's special $40 Cash Back coupon: "Cigars can get expensive. But with an extra $40 back in your wallet, it's like getting some really cool cigar stuff for free."

The Cigar Advisor editors have offered tasting notes for the cigars they've selected, as well as some creative uses for the money left over after purchasing the recommended Father's Day gifts under $50 in their guide. To read it and see 2016's best Father's Day cigar gifts, go to

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