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EASTON, PA - Cigar Advisor, the nation's premiere online cigar magazine, proudly serves cigar enthusiasts with a uniquely down-to-earth perspective on the enjoyment of premium cigars. The magazine has published their newest 2016 CA Report, titled "10 Excellent Dominican Cigars Under $5" -- a review of ten cigars that both contain Dominican cigar tobacco and are manufactured in the Dominican Republic. The report, whose picks are curated by Cigar Advisor Managing Editor John Pullo, also serves as a buying guide for cigar enthusiasts eager to find premium cigars that embody the Dominican flavor profile, yet remain affordable when compared to premium cigar brands.

"Whoever it was that coined the phrase, 'good cigars ain't cheap and cheap cigars ain't good' hasn't been perusing the Dominican cigar aisle" of their local cigar shop, writes John. His new 2016 CA Report: "10 Excellent Dominican Cigars Under $5" is geared towards cigar smokers on a budget, and he's offered evidence that high quality premium cigars that embody the highly-desired "Dominican" flavor profile are not priced far out of reach. "Yes," John writes, "we've all smoked expensive cigars that didn't live up to the billing (let alone the price tag), and that is unfortunate; but a good Dominican cigar does not demand austerity measures on your cigar budget." As part of his report, he lists ten cigars that fall below the $5/cigar threshold: "take a look at these picks and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how far your dollar can take you," he says.

John highlights a varied range of brands in the buying guide, including the 110th Anniversary cigars from La Aurora, the Dominican Republic's oldest cigar factory. Classics from the core line of Arturo Fuente cigars, H. Upmann and Partagas cigars also garnered mention, as did more boutique-themed cigar brands like Nat Sherman cigars, Cusano and E.P. Carrillo New Wave cigars. "When we speak of cost in today's FDA and tobacco tax-heavy age, a $5 price point might immediately make you think this list is only no-name brands from never-heard of factories," writes John. "It's easier than you think to get a good Dominican smoke for the price of a coffee - I'm referring to premium box brands, all from the top manufacturers that cigar smokers know," he says.

To see the featured "10 Excellent Dominican Cigars Under $5" and tasting notes provided in the Report's buying guide, go to CigarAdvisor.com.

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